British actor Orlando Bloom is struggling to convince Hollywood to let him make a movie about a heroic young photographer.

The LORD OF THE RINGS star wants to tell the story of REUTERS photographer DAN ELDON, who was killed in Somalia 10 years ago (93) - but he has found it hard to convince Tinseltown money men to back a project with little commercial appeal.

Bloom, 26, explains, "You'd think it would be easy to raise the money for the project, but financiers have a certain idea of what they want to do.

"Dan was a remarkable young man who died when he was 23 and left behind these amazing journals. He's become an inspirational person.

"But it's difficult to get films like that made. It's weird - you'd have thought people would be queuing up to get involved in a movie like that but I guess they think it won't sell."

17/12/2003 20:57