British hunk Orlando Bloom credits his movie career with helping him get the woman of his dreams.

The LORD OF THE RINGS star became an actor to make himself more attractive to the opposite sex - and the plan has paid off because he's been dating stunning American actress Kate Bosworth for two years.

He remembers, "Aged nine, I had this girlfriend and the other boys and I used to have running races in the park to see who would win and get to be her boyfriend for the day.

"I wanted to be like Superman and fly ahead of the pack and then zoom in and rescue her from some make-believe menacing situation. Once I realised that Superman was really an actor, I thought, 'That's for me!' So you see, I got into the acting for the women."

The 27-year-old says of Bosworth, "I'll cross the Atlantic during a break in filming just to spend one day with her. It's heavenly when you're falling in love with someone and you can't stop thinking about her. I think I'm in love with love."

The Beyond The Sea actress adds, "He's the best ever boyfriend you could want."

12/09/2004 14:11