Orlando Bloom is looking forward to the end of the Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy because he wants to concentrate on more serious movies. The Lord Of The Rings actor has starred in two blockbusting franchises but is looking to add weightier acting roles to his resume. He says, "I'm certainly not looking for another swords movie. Or a trilogy! I'm looking for something contemporary, or at least a very human story." And the actor regrets not starring in last year's (06) acclaimed movie The Last King Of Scotland because he was busy on another film. He adds, "I did meet Kevin MACdonald (the director), but he was itching to go, and while I would have loved to do it, I was doing Elizabethtown. But they did a fantastic job. It's the sort of film I would like to be making. "Really you need to take time and make good choices, and that's what I'm doing right now."