Orlando Bloom had no intention co-starring with girlfriend Kate Bosworth, until she showed him a script he couldn't refuse. THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN heart-throb is keen to take on some smaller projects after starring in a series of big budget movies, and he can't wait to begin work on SEASONS OF DUST with Bosworth. He says, "That was something that I never thought of ever doing really. She read this script - loved it. I read it - loved it, loved the character. "There is a romantic element to it, it's kind of a dark, gritty little movie which I really want to do. I really want to do some smaller films. "To be honest, this is like a little movie that is set in Oklahoma City, in the dust bowl - Seasons Of Dust. "It's the drought and depression of America, a really rough time for the country. I'll be supporting her in this movie that she really wants to do. I was really up for that."