Orlando Bloom will reportedly wed girlfriend Kate Bosworth after giving her a $315,000 (GBP175,000) diamond engagement ring.

The Lord Of The Rings actor, 27, who has been told to keep the marriage proposal quiet for fear of upsetting his female fans, plans to marry the 21-year-old Blue Crush actress in two ceremonies next June (05).

A source tells British newspaper NEWS OF THE WORLD, "Kate jumped at the Orlando's proposal and accepted in a second.

"They're making plans for two ceremonies - one in Los Angeles, where Kate is from, and one in Orlando's native England.

"They have been persuaded to by their advisors that it is better for Orlando's career if he can at least appear to remain single for as long as possible.

"But it's killing them because they're just ecstatic about what has happened and are bursting to tell people.

"They are so happy together and can't wait to become husband and wife."

03/10/2004 21:11