Hollywood heart-throb Orlando Bloom boasts he spends hours writing to his fans, and replying to a staggering 500 fan letters each week.

The British actor has built up a phenomenal fanbase after starring roles in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL.

And he is proud he is able to correspond with his closest devotees.

Bloom, 28, says, "I get about 500 letters a week and I reply to all of them.

"I have this system with a small group of staff where I get around to replying to everyone, even if it takes a very long time - sometimes up to a year.

"It's quite an ordeal as there is so much of it."

And he claims his generosity means his fans respect his privacy: "I think they are really cool because, thankfully, I don't have any stalkers."

05/05/2005 13:46