Movie hunk Orlando Bloom has agreed to star in a music video for pop pals BLUE - and he's even doing it for free.

The Lord Of The Rings actor, who commands $3.2 million (GBP2 million) per movie, made friends with Blue singer Duncan James at a London party.

The two got chatting about the boyband's future projects, and when the singer asked if his fellow Brit would consider helping them out with the video for new song GUILTY, Orlando jumped at the chance.

Duncan reveals, "I was talking with the boys and we decided that the new video needs a star to feature in the song. I wrote the track so it is very personal to me.

"It's not a huge bit but Orlando didn't seem at all bothered. I told him was only a cameo but it was the whole point of the song and he jumped at it.

"He said, 'Count me in,' so I can't wait to tell the boys. When you've written the song yourself it becomes your baby so to have Orlando on board is really cool."

16/07/2003 09:34