Orlando Bloom was not under the influence when he drove his Toyota Matrix into two parked cars yesterday morning, Police have confirmed.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star was at the wheel when his car was involved in the crash, which injured two female passengers, on Fountain Avenue in Los Angeles.

One passenger was forced into hospital with a reported neck fracture and Bloom, 30, accompanied her to hospital after the incident.

It appears the crash occurred at around 02:15 local time (10:15 BST) on Friday morning after a photographer driving a silver or white vehicle unexpectedly moved out of its lane. Bloom was forced to swerve out of its way, apparently to avoid a collision.

"No alcohol was involved, and he wasn't speeding," police officer Ana Aguirre said.

Bloom has made a name for himself as a blockbuster star, whether swashbuckling as Will Turner in The Pirates of the Caribbean or looking slick as Legolas in Lord Of The Rings.

Some of his less well-known acting credits include Black Hawk Down, Midsomer Murders and Casualty.

13/10/2007 18:48:07