Hollywood star Orlando Bloom felt like a real-life pirate during a recent trip to Antarctica on board a Norwegian ice-breaker. The actor and cousin Sebastian Copeland took a three-week trip as part of an environmental exercise in February (07) onboard the Ice Lady Patagonia. And Bloom insists he felt more like a pirate on that expedition that when he was playing Will in the Pirates of The Caribbean movies. He says, "It was the real pirate ship. The boat was an old Norwegian ice breaker now used for scientific research. "I slept in a bunk and did the washing up and shared a toilet and a shower with, like, 27 other guys. It was an amazing experience." But the fun was tinged with sadness - Bloom realises global warming will destroy the frozen wasteland, where he snowboarded down a glacier and enjoyed a scuba diving experience. He tells Elle magazine, "Those icebergs are so majestic, but they felt like dinosaurs to me - like a dying breed. "I can imagine coming back next year or 10 years from now and seeing the difference... They might not be there, which is terrifying."