Hollywood star Orlando Bloom has been accused of failing to settle a $760 (GBP400) restaurant bill, after promising to pay up in January (05).

The Lord Of The Rings heart-throb treated his film star girlfriend KATE BOSWORTH to a gourmet meal at the Casaro Amarelo eaterie in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - where they'd visited to celebrate her 22nd birthday - but was left red-faced after his credit card was refused.

And the restaurant's owner FE BEHLING admits she's still awaiting payment from Bloom - even though she's satisfied it's merely an oversight on the actor's part.

She says, "Yes, it's true. Orlando was here with Kate and about 30 people in January. There was a problem with our credit card system that night. It wasn't his fault - he did his best to pay the bill at the time.

"He told us he didn't have a personal email account and so took our address. And although we're sure it's a complete misunderstanding and know he's very busy, we've yet to hear from him."

28/04/2005 13:47