Orlando Bloom plans to nurse his heartache after splitting from girlfriend Kate Bosworth by buying a retreat on the Cayman Islands. The British movie hunk has spent much of the last two years in the Caribbean filming indie movie HAVEN and the blockbuster Pirates Of The Caribbean sequels, and he has fallen in love with the simple life in the Caymans. He says, "I'd love to have a place there. The temperature is beautiful and the people are delightful." But Bloom insists he wouldn't simply sit and watch the sun come up and go down in paradise, he'd moonlight as a fisherman, like his character in Haven. He adds, "I went down to the local docks. The writer/director's dad organised a session with some local fisherman so that I could scale fish and spray down some boats. "It was great fun. I didn't know anything about the Cayman Islands and now I know I love life there. Making Haven there was like a working holiday."