Orlando Bloom was forced to split up a brawl on the set of a British TV show - when his dog snapped at the sight of Irish comic Graham Norton's pooch. The Hollywood actor was preparing for his guest spot on The Graham Norton Show last year (07) with his furry friend in tow, prompting the funnyman to introduce his own dogs to Bloom's pet. But Norton soon regretted his decision when the actor's animal bared its teeth and launched a "vicious" attack on his dog Bailey. Norton tells Britain's Heat magazine, "Orlando Bloom brought his dog along to the show and I said, 'I have my two dogs here. Would they like to meet?' And he said, 'That's a great idea.' So I bring them to his dressing room for a meeting and his dog just goes really vicious and attacks my dog Bailey. "And Orlando goes, 'Oh, sometimes he's a bit odd with other dogs... I got him in a Moroccan street market.' Then I read somewhere that it had attacked another dog in Hampstead (England). That's a wild dog!"