Screen heart-throb Orlando Bloom is a huge fan of Irish rockers U2 after seeing them perform on their VERTIGO world tour - and he was deeply touched by frontman Bono's humanitarian message.

The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star revelled in the blend of rock 'n' roll and politics as the Beautiful Day hitmakers both thrilled and educated their fans.

He says, "Bono, who's such a remarkable man, had a screen which projected the 1948 UN declaration of human rights. The first six chapters of it all said, basically that we are a fellowship, a brotherhood, each man is equal.

"What an amazing message to play at a cool, huge concert where he's just rocked out and given everyone a great show. And it was cool to see it, the only way Bono knows how.

"He had a bandage on his head which said 'Jew, Christian...' ie. we're all on the same planet as one, at some point we have to realise we're all connected as a family."

12/04/2005 17:29