Hollywood hunk Orlando Bloom has begged bosses of British soap opera Coronation Street to allow him to follow actor SIR Ian McKellen's footsteps by starring in the TV show.

The heart-throb is desperate to act opposite his Lord Of The Rings co-star McKellen in the programme, despite the fact a role in the show would be a dramatic step-back from his impressive movie career.

He tells British newspaper THE DAILY STAR, "I can't wait to do a little Corrie. Ian McKellen's in it - brilliant. Maybe I should go in the Rovers pub while Ian's there, with my pointy ears and bow and arrow strapped to my back and do a little number with a pint."

A spokeswoman for the show says, "I'm sure the younger ladies of the Street would be delighted if Orlando Bloom joined."

03/05/2005 03:02