Oritsé Williams didn't tell his friends or his mother about his return to the music industry.

The 28-year-old singer, who starred in boyband JLS from 2006 until 2013, released his first single as a solo artist, 'Waterline', last year, and revealed he's kept those closest to him in the dark about his career plans.

Oritsé - who is now professionally known as OWS - explained: ''Even my mum didn't know. She said to me, 'Son, I know you're doing something. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it.' And that was all she said to me.

''It was tough at Christmas because everyone was asking what I was doing and I was telling them that next year I'm going to show them what I'm doing. I'm telling everyone to wait and that I'm taking my time.''

Oritsé revealed his delight at the early reaction to his solo work, and his relief at being able to put his face to his tunes.

He told heatworld: ''It's a mad feeling. I've been crafting and I've been working away for over a year and enjoying myself but when you're able to bring your creativity to the surface and to the people, finally, and to put your face to it, it's a great feeling.

''However, it's not the fame that drives me. What I'm driven by is being recognised for doing something that I believe in. The fact that I've had such a positive reaction, I'm still trying to pinch myself. I've had to pinch myself about 50 times.''