Parts of new horror movie Chernobyl Diaries were shot in underground tunnels used as Nazi headquarters in World War Two, according to producer Oren Peli.
Unable to film in the real Pripyat due to still-present nuclear dust from the Chernobyl disaster, Peli and his crew had to find alternatives and opted for an abandoned Soviet Air Force Base and tunnels under Belgrade, Serbia.
Peli tells WENN, "There were bunkers where they had the Nazi headquarters and that place was very, very creepy. It was very narrow and wasn't built with safety lights, so, at one point or another, we bumped our head on the door jambs.
"It was very dark and very musty with a bizarre negative energy there."
Director Brad Parker admits the location helped heighten the horror for his cast.
He adds, "It was a lot of fun for me and to a certain extent they enjoyed it too. They didn't have to push the acting boat out too far because they were just responding to what was going on. We would leave them in the dark or have them walk down a scary tunnel and not tell them what was around the corner.
"There was really a sense of tension in their voices that's really palpable. We would literally have our humanoid-like creatures waiting in a cavern or a tunnel out of sight so the actor would not know about the actual scare and where it was coming from. They were totally taken off guard and our locations were really scary... There were bad vibes in the walls. It was really creepy and being in these cold, dark, dank, scary places was terrifying enough."