Oprah Winfrey advised Sarah Ferguson to turn down a stint on Dancing With The Stars - urging her to "rehabilitate" herself before appearing on reality TV.
The Duchess of York hit headlines earlier this year (10) after she was caught allegedly offering access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew to an undercover reporter in exchange for payment.
The former royal family member was left shamed by the story, but was so cash-strapped that she considered appearing on various reality shows - until Winfrey persuaded her to focus on recovering from the scandal.
The TV queen then offered the Brit the chance to film Finding Sarah, a six-part documentary following her progress in therapy, as an alternative to an American reality programme.
Winfrey tells Parade.com, "She (Ferguson) started emailing me and at one point asked what did I think of her doing a celebrity chef show.
"I said, 'That's not going to help you. How are you going to rehabilitate yourself on a celebrity chef show? You should be working on yourself.'
"We had a real moment of connection, watching the tape of her trying to get £500,000 (for access to Prince Andrew). She said she didn't want to go into bankruptcy. I said, 'But when you look at that tape don't you see a morally bankrupted person? The one thing you were trying to avoid, you already are.' She said, 'I never thought of it that way.' I remember the last thing I said to her when I left that interview: 'Don't let me see you on Dancing With The Stars.'"