Talk show host Oprah Winfrey has finally convinced a man who has been backing her for President in 2008 that she will not run for office. Kansas City, Missouri maths teacher PATRICK CROWE has been on a non-stop three-year "Oprah for President" campaign, complete with T-shirts with Winfrey's image, banners and signs. Winfrey's lawyers threatened legal action against Crowe until the talk show titan told them to back off, and she decided to call Crowe personally to discuss the matter. He tells the New York Post, "(Oprah) got right to the bottom line. She said, 'Well I just wanted to let you know, I'm not going to do it.' "Her tone was calm and peaceful - not at all angry. She thanked me for what I've been doing." Winfrey urged Crowe to turn his attention to Illinois Senator BARAK OBAMA, who she has hinted that she would support if he ran for president one day. She suggested that he read Obama's latest book AUDACITY OF HOPE and said she planned to send him a copy. Crowe said that despite the call from Winfrey, he plans to continue his campaign and hopes she will reconsider a run for the Oval Office.