Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey cried during Charlize Theron's OSCAR acceptance speech - and saw nominee Bill Murray also shed a tear.

The COLOR PURPLE star was seated a few rows away from the LOST IN TRANSLATION funnyman, who missed out on the Best Actor ACADEMY AWARD, and saw he was just as emotional as she was as they listened to Theron's moving speech.

Winfrey says of Theron's win for MONSTER, "Everybody expected her to win. There was a lot of pressure on her. But I thought she absolutely lived up to the moment. When she walked on stage, she was perfection. Like Grace Kelly.

"I turned to my friend GAIL KING and said, 'That is a movie star.' I was tearing up during her speech.

"And I looked at Bill Murray, and he was wiping his eye. I saw it with my own eyes."

02/03/2004 18:01