Oprah Winfrey made supermodel Naomi Campbell's dreams come true during a recent episode of her talk show - when she invited the catwalk queen to sit down and chat to her heroine Iman.

Campbell turned into a giggling teenager when Somalian beauty Iman arrived for their tea-time restaurant date and gushed about how much she worshipped her "goddess".

She told Iman, "As a friend, you've been there for me when I've been down... I've always trusted you... You're my goddess, you are, it's like the elegance of you, your heart.

"I know you're shy... and you're feminine and you're a mother, you're a wife, you take your priorities right. I wanna learn from you."

The two models proceeded to chat about modelling, chuckling about falling on the catwalk.

Iman recalled her first blunder: "I had struggled with the heels... It was a major disaster.

"I walked and 'Bang!' I thought it was a room, it was a mirror and I walked right into it and fell on my face."

Campbell reminded her pal of her famous fall - when she took a tumble at a Vivienne Westwood fashion show.

Iman chuckled, "Yours (fall) was cuter; you laughed through it. Mine, I cried."