LATEST: Oprah Winfrey has "no regrets" about launching her all-girls academy in South Africa, which earlier this year became caught up in a shocking child abuse scandal. Despite being devastated by allegations of physical and sexual abuse at her Leadership Academy for Girls, the U.S. chatshow queen insists she remains positive about her past decisions, and about the future of her beloved Henley-On-Kip school. She tells, "From the very first half hour, after I was able to pull myself together, I knew that this too shall pass. (I told myself) 'Just work on it, focus on the girls, focus on the girls, focus on the girls.' And the girls are now fine." Speaking on Tuesday (11Dec07) at the Los Angeles premiere of The Great Debaters, a film she produced starring Denzel Washington, Winfrey added, "I think that all crisis is there to teach you about your life. You have to be far more careful in choosing people to stand in the gap for you. You have to stay on it. "The school is going to be better because that happened. We're going to come back and have best year ever!" Earlier this year (Oct07) Winfrey - who co-founded the Academy in 2006 - issued a heartfelt apology to the students who suffered at the hands of school officials. A dorm matron has since been suspended and arrested.