Media mogul Oprah Winfrey has finally fulfilled her promise to the parents of a dead American girl - by personally handing over money saved by the child to a South African children's home.

The parents of 11-year-old HALLIE GEIER set up the LOVE HALLIE FOUNDATION in memory of their daughter, who had saved $280 (GBP147) for children affected by HIV/AIDS in southern Africa, before she was killed in a car accident earlier this year (04).

And the talk show host put the $10,000 (GBP5,260) raised by Geier's charity into her own foundation, ANGEL NETWORK, and thrilled Geier's parents by donating the money to KIDS HAVEN, a children's shelter in Benoni near Johannesburg, on Tuesday (14DEC04).

The shelter's director MOIRA SIMPSON says, "There was shock and surprise on their faces and then squeals of delight. It was so exciting she even joined in when the children were dancing.

"She did a tour of the shelter and chose a girls' dormitory to spend the money on. The $280 saved by Geier will be used to buy medicines for HIV positive children at the shelter."

16/12/2004 17:46