Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks have topped a poll of the "nicest" celebrities.

In a USA TODAY/CNN/GALLUP POLL of 1,002 adults, Winfrey and Hanks both won 90 per cent nice ratings, followed by golfer Tiger Woods with 88 per cent.

Closely behind Woods is Mel Gibson, with 87 per cent.

The poll also includes a "naughty" section, which is headed by twice-wed pop beauty BRITNEY PEARS with 67 per cent, Janet Jackson with 64 per cent and Paris Hilton with 63 per cent.

Hotel heiress Hilton made the nice list of only 19 per cent of respondents, while Donald Trump clinched 47 cent of the nice vote and 47 per cent of the naughty.

23/12/2004 21:52