The Kardashians have persuaded Oprah Winfrey to appear on their reality show, in what is being described as a risky move for the television star. The news comes just days after the famous family appeared on Oprah's latest television venture, 'Oprah's Next Chapter, reports Fox News.

However, Oprah is now joining forces with the reality stars and will appear on their hugely successful E! Show. Producers are making the most of the footage filmed when the Queen of daytime television visited Kris Jenner's Los Angeles home earlier this month. Ronn Torossian, author of the PR book 'For Immediate Response', reacted to the news, saying, "Like them or not, America is fascinated with the Kardashian family, and it is only natural that Oprah would appear with a younger celebrity brand. The facts are that the Kardashians garner regular impressive ratings for E! and Oprah needs to do anything she can to attract ratings for her far less successful network". Winfrey has found it tough going since leaving her phenomenally successful daytime television series behind. She was heavily criticised for encouraging Twitter users to tune in to her new show, especially those who had audience recording devices (which subsequently affect ratings). Torossian argued that Oprah has the most to gain from appearing on 'Keeping up with the Kardashians', saying, "Oprah isn't on a major network anymore, and anything she can do on-air to attract increased media attention could help spark audience numbers. Kim too is a mega-marketer, and she will push the Oprah relationship widely".

A spokesperson for the OWN network responded to a request for comment by noting that "there was a camera crew from 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' on site when Oprah filmed her interview with the family for 'Oprah's Next Chapter".