Oprah Winfrey's half-sister Patricia was not looking to reunite with the queen of daytime television and instead wanted to re-connect with her mother, says Winfrey's best friend Gayle King. The talk show host revealed this week that she has a half-sister, telling her studio audience, "Yes, it is true. It is true that my mother is also Patricia's birth mother. That means Patricia is my half-sister who I never knew existed".

Oprah's mother gave Patricia up for adoption shortly after her birth and the two sisters met for the very first time in November. Appearing on Good Morning America today, Winfrey's friend King said that Patricia was not seeking fame or money and actually wanted to reconnect with her mother, saying, "She was trying to find her mother. That's what I think is so amazing about this story. She wanted to find her mother Vernita Lee. Having Oprah as a ... half-sister, it was a hell of a bonus. That was not her motivation. She wanted to reconnect with her mother". Although Patricia knew of her relationship to the America's biggest television personality, she decided not to sell her story to the tabloids, something King says meant a lot to Winfrey.

After the talk show host had announced the shock news, Larry King's replacement Piers Morgan tweeted of his disappointment that she had not spoken of her half-sister during their interview last week, he said, "Damn and blast, you're all absolutely right, I should have asked @Oprah: 'Got any secret half-sisters called Pat we don't know about?"