The father of Oprah Winfrey's long-lost half-sister never knew he had fathered a daughter.

Willie Wright - the biological father of the chat show host's newly-discovered sibling Patricia Lofton - has revealed Oprah's mother Vernita Lee didn't make him aware she was expecting a child, but had he known, he would have been happy to raise her.

He explained to The National Enquirer magazine: "I want Oprah and the rest of the family to know that I will be there. It's never too late to be a family.

"Had I known Vernita had a baby by me but didn't want to keep her, I would have taken her in and raised her myself - but I was never told!"

The 79-year-old retired factory worker also claims to have fathered - and help raise - Oprah's half-brother Jeffrey Lee, who died of AIDS complications in 1989, as well as two other children, and admitted he is keen to meet Patricia.

Willie added: "This all started in November. I was shocked. I helped raise Jeffrey and I also raised two other children of mine, so yes, of course, I would have taken baby Patricia - if I had known.

"Now there are plans for Patricia and me to meet. I am looking forward to it."