Oprah Winfrey refused to get ''buck naked'' for 'The Butler'.

The talk show host - who plays Gloria in the historical fiction drama - was adamant she wasn't going to bare her flesh in a romantic scene with her co-star Terrence Howard and she regularly had disagreements with her director Lee Daniels about it.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, she said: ''You know, he [Daniels] would have had me buck naked on that sofa if I had let him.

''He did more screaming than I did - I'm not a screamer.''

Oprah's alter-ego plays the wife of a White House butler (Forest Whitaker), but when she becomes bored with her lifestyle, she strikes up an affair with her neighbor (Howard).

However, the 59-year-old actress wasn't keen on her character inappropriately fondling with her new lover and insisted Gloria shouldn't go to bed with the man next door.

Oprah said: ''If she's going to roll around in bed in the middle of the afternoon, then it would be a lie, a fake thing.''