Oprah Winfrey thinks her interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown went ''really well''.

The legendary talk show host interviewed the teenager following the tragic death of her mother Whitney Houston - who was found dead in the bath of her hotel room last month aged 48 - and thinks the chat, which aired in the US last Sunday (11.03.12), gave people a better understanding of the 19 year old.

She told gossip website TMZ: ''I think it went really well. I think people really responded and I think the whole country now got to see how [Bobbi Kristina] feels and what she's going through and I think it went really well.''

Oprah also admitted she never pays attention to her critics and doesn't worry if people don't like her work because she is just trying to do her best and inspire others.

She added: ''I don't look at the criticism, I just move through life doing what I do. I do it with the best of intentions, the intention to be a force that's good and right and inspirational and if people don't like it that's OK because I'm always just trying to do what I do best and I'm always having the best and the good in mind, so that's OK.''