Oprah Winfrey loves fixing things around her house.

'The Butler' star, who has an estimated net worth of $2.9 billion, insists she is very domesticated and recently repaired her partner Stedman Graham's toilet by herself at their home in Los Angeles.

She told reporters at the 2014 Critics' Choice Movie Awards: ''When you go to flush it and it didn't, there's a little chain that connects to the little line thing that's gonna connect to the bubble. When the little chain falls down and it drops, then you cannot flush. But if you pick that chain up and you put it in the right little spot, then it flushes.

''So I figured that out because Stedman's toilet was running and I wanted to fix his without calling a plumber. So what I did, I went around and took the tops off of all the other toilets, to see what that was doing, and then I figured out what was missing. It was the chain.''

The chat show queen, 59, previously revealed that she prefers doing things for herself, including cooking, rather than hiring professionals.

She said: ''I've had chefs over the years who have come to work for us, and what we've learned is it's much easier for me to just do it myself on the weekends. So when Stedman and I are alone, I basically do all the cooking.''