Oprah Winfrey has felt less stress and anxiety as she's aged.

The 63-year-old media mogul has been known for her calm, considered approach to life, but Oprah admits it has taken her a long time to find such tranquility in her outlook.

She explained: ''The reason why you're always stressed is because you want this moment to be something that it's not.

''You just stop and you accept this moment for what it is. Just breathe right into that moment and it takes the anxiety and the pressure away of wanting this moment to be something it's not. Just this moment, one moment at a time.''

Despite this, Oprah freely admitted it has taken her years to reach her current frame of mind.

She confessed that numerous factors have contributed to her contentment.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', Oprah shared: ''It is a process. It is not just one thing.

''You don't wake up one morning and you suddenly have it all together, but you are paying attention to your life.

''I really am in a really good space. I'm probably the most content person [you've] met.''

Oprah has enjoyed incredible success as a TV star, actress and businesswoman - but she doesn't envision herself moving into the political sphere anytime soon.

The billionaire admitted that her personal qualities weren't suited to her making the transition into the world of politics.

Oprah explained: ''That is just not going to happen. My strength is bringing people together, and my strength is connecting people to ideas.

''My strength is allowing people to see the best of themselves even in the worst of times and circumstances. That is not my thing. That would not be what I would be able to do well.''