Oprah Winfrey reunited the cast members of the classic 1965 film 'The Sound of Music', on her talk-show yesterday (28th October 2010) To celebrate the movie's 45th anniversary, a deluxe DVD box-set to due to be released, and stars such as Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer spoke to the Oprah about what is was like to film the much-loved movie.
80-year-old Plummer discussed how he drank a great deal on the set of the film in Austria, and revealed that he has rarely revisited the movie since its release, however, the actor still considers it 'one of the best movie musicals ever made' .The two stars were joined by various actors who played the Von Trapp children, and CHARMIAN CARR who played 'Leisl', reminisced how Plummer had taught her to drink while shooting the movie. Nicholas Hammond, who played 'Friederich', recounted how he grew so much during filming that Carr had to stand on boxes.
During a commercial break on the show, viewers were treated to an advert that featured the 'Glee' star Lea Michele performing 'My Favourite Things', one of the hit songs from 'The Sound of Music'.