A single mother from New Jersey had the shock of a lifetime on a recent taping of Oprah Winfrey's daytime talk show when she came face to face with the director of her competition essay - Jennifer Aniston. The actress picked nurse COLLEEN GOLDRICK's story about a proud wife's final moments with her dying husband as her directorial debut - as part of Glamour magazine's Reel Moments series. The former FRIENDS star teamed up with filmmaker ANDREA BUCHANAN to make short movie ROOM 10 in just three days, admitting she was touched by the true story which Goldrick entered in a magazine competition. Goldrick thought she was just meeting Oprah on the show and was left almost speechless when she realised she'd be sitting next to one of her heroines. The nurse saw her first clip of Aniston's film adaptation of her essay, which stars Kris Kristofferson and ROBIN WRIGHT-PENN, and revealed, "It blew me away. That was beautiful." In a taped segment for the show, Kristofferson heaped praise on the first time director: "I have so much respect for Jennifer, as an actress it's very easy for me to take direction from her." His co-star Wright-Penn, who plays Goldrick in the film, says, "I always loved her (Aniston) from afar... She's very in tune and a very calm presence." The actress admits she loved playing a real-life nurse, touched by a magical moment: "We need to be challenged to be better people and to value what we do have so that we can have the hope and the faith and the dignity to give that to other people."