JULIA ROBERTS served up an unexpected treat for pal Oprah Winfrey yesterday (10FEB05) by letting the talk show queen be the first to show off her twin babies.

The movie star sent her friend pictures of herself and babies PHINNAEUS and HAZEL, which were taken by her cameraman husband DANNY MODER at their home in Taos, New Mexico, and gave her permission to broadcast them on her show.

Winfrey couldn't wait to show them to her viewers on her programme, while cooing over her new 'niece' and 'nephew,' and she teared up as she read a tender note Roberts sent with the pictures.

The PRETTY WOMAN star wrote, "Dear friend, things here are terrific. Snow is falling as I write to you. Beautiful. As you may have heard on November 28 we doubled the citizenship of our family and life became more recognisable then ever before.

"Oh, Oprah, the babies are amazing. The way they stare into your eyes, their exuberant smiles, how they begin each day all warm and sleepy, smelling of promise.

"I suppose I never realised if before, babies aren't really born of their parents, they're born of every kind word, loving gesture, hope and dream their parents ever had. Bliss.

"Can't wait to see you and fill your arms with our Phinn' and Hazel. Until then, just know there are two more Moders in the world who love you as much as Danny and I do. The warmest embrace from too far away. Yours, Julia."

A tearful Winfrey, referring to herself as AUNTIE O, cooed, "Aren't they precious? They are cute aren't they?" as she looked at the photographs, before stating, "Julia and Danny, your babies are beautiful... Welcome to the world little Moders."

11/02/2005 03:10