Oprah Winfrey's two-year reign at the top of US news show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT's annual Top 20 Stars of The Year is over, as she's replaced by Hollywood's top couples. Tom Cruise hit the top spot in the new hit list, which was announced late yesterday (12DEC06). His new bride Katie Holmes shoots up to number five, one spot ahead of sliding Winfrey, while hot couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie come in second and third respectively on the new countdown, made up of the biggest TV news celebrity headline grabbers of 2006. Regulars falling off the list this year include Britney Spears, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lopez. The top 10 is: 1. TOM CRUISE 2. BRAD PITT 3. ANGELINA JOLIE 4. Anna Nicole Smith 5. KATIE HOLMES 6. OPRAH WINFREY 7. Jennifer Aniston 8. Jessica Simpson 9. George Clooney 10. Eva Longoria.