NOWHERE BOY actress Ophelia Lovibond was crestfallen as she sat through the John Lennon biopic at the London premiere - because her big scene had been cut from the film.
The pretty star, who played Lennon's girlfriend Marie in the film, admits she was upset when she realised the movie moment she'd told her family about was not in the final cut.
She says, "I only realised at the premiere when I was sitting there with my mum. She was gasping, 'Oh no, baby!'"
But her small part in the movie has led to much bigger roles in Hollywood films starring Jim Carrey and Ashton Kutcher - she'll play the Just Married star's English girlfriend in new movie No Strings.
Lovibond adds, "I thought it (Nowhere Boy) might get me other auditions; I never thought it would get me other parts."