The stars of new movie Open Water were terrified of being eaten alive by sharks during filming.

Actors Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis play SUSAN and DANIEL - a couple who go scuba diving on holiday and get stranded in dangerous seas.

But, unlike the 1975 classic Jaws, which used a mechanical fish, Open Water relied on real-life sharks, and movie-makers encouraged the vicious creatures to swim around the two anxious stars by covering them in pieces of bloody tuna.

Ryan admits, "It's dangerous, they are wild animals, and something could have gone wrong but the odds were very, very good that they wouldn't.

"I certainly never would have got into the water - not that I would have admitted it at the time - if I wasn't being very, very well looked after.

"I was scared, but I knew we were safe. Sharks are very big muscular animals and they are scary."

Travis adds, "All the emotional stuff, the screaming and splashing around was done weeks later after we'd finished working with the sharks, as a safety precaution."

08/09/2004 09:03