One Tree Hill star JAMES LAFFERTY has been forced to cancel his annual charity basketball event due to "constant harassment" from members of the public. The actor has organised a celebrity-packed game in Wilmington, North Carolina for the past five years, with proceeds from ticket sales being donated to local good causes.
But Lafferty has scrapped the 2009 event, blaming overzealous fans for invading his life and making him feel unsafe at public events.
A statement from the star reads, "I will not be holding a charity basketball game this year. As a result of constant harassment and gross invasions of privacy via e-mail and telephone, targeting myself, my friends and even my family, I no longer feel comfortable holding a fundraiser in such an intimate setting with fans.
"It is frustrating and discouraging that a few have ruined it for the many this year, and I hope that myself and the show have the opportunity to be charitable again in the future under different circumstances."
Last year (08) the event attracted over 1,300 fans and raised over $30,000 (£20,000) for charity.