One Direction's Zayn Malik and The Wanted's Max George are still feuding on Twitter.

Their online fight began after 19-year-old Zayn called Max, 24, a ''geek'' after he posted a photograph with 'Scream' hitmaker Usher on his account earlier this year.

Max responded with: ''That's right gorgeous(sic)'', before posting a photograph of himself with South Korean hitmaker Psy, adding: ''Me and Psy getting messy! #geekandproud :).(sic)''

Other members then got involved in the banter, with The Wanted's Tom Parker, 24, calling Zayn a ''Bradford Bad Boi'' referring to his two-tone hair and home town in West Yorkshire, England.

Jokes and remarks continued between both Zayn and Max, soon heating up in the lead up to their performance at New York's Madison Square Garden on Friday (07.12.12).

Max tweeted: ''Tell me your problems without the 8 security in NYC. The only problem I have with you is the s**t banter. Grow up son.(sic)''

Zayn responded with a swear word also, posting: ''I'd f**king love to, see you in New York big man ha u clown.(sic)''

However it has been reported since that their managers hope to reach a truce, with a source telling the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper: ''Both of the bands management teams have been in contact and agreed the boys should all meet up in New York and smooth things out.

''With all the boys in the same city for a few days, it makes sense for them to meet up and have a drink together to prevent the feud escalating. Management are keen for the boys to meet before Friday's gig to stop any confrontation.''

Max also spoke about the feud to Channel 995, saying: ''I tried to palm it off as being friendly again, but you can only take so many insults and eventually I just said, 'Alright listen - if you've got a problem, come and see me in New York when we're there doing a gig together and we'll sort it out'.''