Poor old Niall Horan. The 18-year-old One Direction star joined the unenviable list of celebrities who have been turned away from swanky London clubs after attempting to use their famous face as a form of I.D. The Irish pop-star was given the cold-shoulder by bouncers at Funky Buddah in Mayfair as he arrived for Liam Payne's 19th birthday bash, reports the Irish Sun newspaper.
Horan was photographed struggling to convince the doormen that he was part of the multi-million record selling One Direction, with one of the bouncers telling him "not tonight". A witness said, "Niall arrived at the club a bit later than the rest and had some difficulty getting in at the beginning, but he took it well and had a laugh about it.The bouncers didn't seem to recognise him but it was quickly sorted out and he went in". To be fair, with perhaps the exception of the curly-haired Harry Styles, we think most bouncers would struggle to recognise the One Direction lads.
Earlier in the day, birthday-boy Liam had posed with two Playboy bunnies as he began his champagne drenched celebrations. Twins Carla and Melissa Howe, 22, downed bubbly with the X Factor star before a selection of cupcakes were wheeled out for the celebrity guests. All of the boys attended the bash, apart from Zayn Malik, who stayed at home to watch his girlfriend Perrie Edwards on game-show 'Red or Black'.