Pop stars One Direction were given a stern warning by their record label bosses after a trip to Las Vegas turned "ugly" and they lost a huge amount of money.

The group enjoyed a trip to Sin City last summer (12) and they were rumoured to have been banned from a number of casinos for being too young.

Singer Niall Horan has now opened up about their fateful trip to Vegas, revealing their wild night out ended in a huge bust-up with their bosses.

He tells Britain's We Love Pop magazine, "Like most of the stupid things we do, it seemed like it was a good idea at the time. We just thought, 'We're 18, this is the first time we've been able to spend a bit of money in weeks because we've been on the road.' I won £100, which seemed reasonable, then I stopped. But I'll have to say 'no comment' about the others.

"Let's just say it got a bit ugly and a lot of money was lost. A lot. When our management found out, we got a serious dressing down about it."