One Direction have been following in Adele's footsteps as the latest Brit sensations in the US, the boy band going to the top spot of the US Billboard charts with their album 'Up All Night' selling 176,000 copies in its first week. Now the boys plan to cap their success by performing for The Queen at her special Jubilee concert later in the spring, hoping to play with their hero Sir Mccartney.
"I'd love to meet Her Royal Highness. And I grew up listening to the Beatles 'cos my dad used to play them over and over again," said Harry Styles, continuing, "I still listen to them now. They're quite an inspiration. It'd be amazing if Paul MCCartney was up for doing something... I love him. That would be incredible. We've got a lot of big plans but I'm sure anything would be struck out of the diary if an invitation came along."