Pop stars One Direction have vowed never to move to America.

The British-Irish boyband has been hugely successful in the U.S. and the singers have spent a lot of time in California over the last few months, sparking rumours they are looking to put down roots there.

However, the young stars are adamant they have no plans to quit the U.K.

Louis Tomlinson says, "No way (would we move to America). Why would we? It seems like it's expected of us, but we're British boys."

Harry Styles adds, "Definitely not. They don't even know what (British dish) Toad in the Hole is or (savoury spread) Branston Pickle is. And if you say bangers and mash (slang term for potatoes and sausages), they're like 'Bangers? Bangers and what?' Not good."