Fans of the band were left reeling on Thursday (19Mar15) when Malik walked off the pop group's global trek and flew back to his native Britain to deal with "stress".

Payne has now attempted to cheer up the band's fans by creating a humorous video with Horan, who is seen dressed as an old man, talking at the camera and then shuffling out of the room.

The footage, which was posted on Payne's page, shows Horan wearing a flat cap, wig and spectacles, staggering along with a walking stick as he talks in a heavy Irish accent, prompting giggles from those around him.

Payne posted the video with the caption, "This should lighten the mood," and later added a translation of Horan's thick brogue on his page, writing, "Subtitles; ah Jesus lads will you stop hitting the slither against the wall they're just after painting it ya b**locks ya... Your welcome."

He also wrote, "What a day."