A pair of One Direction lookalikes had to be escorted out of one of the band's gigs after causing chaos in the crowd.

Richard DICkinson and Liam Fergusson, who impersonate Harry Styles and Niall Horan in a tribute band, turned out to watch the real thing at the pop group's show in Edinburgh, Scotland on Tuesday night (03Jun14).

However, the 17 year olds had to be rescued by security guards after they were mobbed by frenzied fans who mistook them for the real Styles and Horan, according to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper.

DICkinson, who performs as Styles, tells the publication, "It was the craziest thing... When we got into Murrayfield (the stadium) we were completely surrounded... People were running from the seated areas to the barriers. People were grabbing on to me. It got pretty bad. The next thing I know this big security guard came and got us... We had to be escorted out the stadium. I was glad when it was all over."