Is there anyone not drawing One Direction at the moment? A few months ago the British pop group sensation were immortalised in cartoon form in a quaint little show called The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction in which the boys become super heroes having to battle evil. Simon Cowell pops up as a head, giving sage advice, whilst - true to his real life counterpart Harry Styles - tries to cop off with an older woman. Good lad.
Anyway, following from that - first reported by The Huffington Post - it appears the group are being depicted elsewhere too, with E! Online writing that the four-piece have been drawn in a new comic titled Fame: One Direction. The comic profiles the journey of the band in their career so far, which though successful, is surely going to be quite short given the lads aren't up to their second album yet. The comic has been drawn by BLueWater Productions, and the group are in good hands with the company having drawn fellow pop peers Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. We reckon it must be pretty easy to draw Bieber given that he looks like a cartoon character anyway.
It was widely reported earlier in the week that the group had revealed the artwork for their forthcoming second LP Take Me Home, out in November.