Only the biggest and most popular acts have their songs covered on 'Glee', so British boy-band One Direction must have been thrilled to learn the show's 'New Directions' will be tackling their hit single 'What Makes You Beautiful'. The song - which reached No.1 in the UK and No.4 on the US Billboard Hot 100 - will feature in a forthcoming episode, reports the UK's Daily Mail.
Despite being one of the biggest boy-bands around, One Direction were beaten to a spot on Glee by fellow Brits, The Wanted, whose song 'Glad You Came' has already been covered on the programme. Irish member Niall Horan was thrilled with the news, saying, "To have a song in Glee is just fantastic. We're all big fans of the show and are so excited they chose What Makes You Beautiful for an episode". The forthcoming episode will feature Brittany attempting to make up for her lacklustre performances as Class President by organizing a dinosaur-themed prom. Elsewhere, Rachel tries to look on the bright side, despite learning that boyfriend Finn has supported his ex-girlfriend Quinn in her bid to become Prom Queen.
Glee star Matthew Morrison admits he was unfamiliar with the band until recently, telling the UK's Sun newspaper, "I've just heard of them, they're really taking over the States.They've made it now though, they're on Glee!"