Pop stars One Direction have learned to keep an eye out for sneaky fans at all times after they recently found girls hiding in trash cans and lurking behind bushes in an attempt to meet the band.

The young singers are stunned by the lengths some female devotees will go to in a bid to catch a glimpse of them and they compared one recent encounter in Los Angeles to scenes from a "zombie film".

Bandmember Zayn Malik recalls, "I remember one time when me and Louis (Tomlinson) were sat by the pool outside our hotel in L.A. and two or three girls emerged form the bushes - then we turned around and there were like another six coming from the other side, and more and more kept coming. It was like something out of a zombie film.

"We were like, 'What are we going to do?' We found a door that had an entrance back in to the hotel and legged it (ran), being chased by all these girls."

Bandmate Liam Payne adds, "Another girl hid in a bin (trashcan) so she could try to sneak in the back entrance of where we were performing, but she got caught."

However, the pop stars insist they don't let such incidents deter them from going out in public.

Harry Styles concludes, "People don't just randomly attack you in the street. I never feel scared to go out," and Tomlinson adds, "We never disguise ourselves... I even got on a (public) train recently."