Niall Horan of British pop group sensation One Direction, has quickly denied rumours started online that his ex-girlfriend has died. A picture of the Irish singer with blonde ex-girlfriend Holly Scally began spreading around Twitter on Wednesday (May 2, 2012), with the message "Rip Holly" tagged on it.
Those responsible for the photograph went on to claim Holly had lost her battle with cancer, when in fact she was alive and well. One user told One Direction fans, "Guys, I had some really bad news, Niall's ex-girlfriend Holly has passed away due to cancer". After hearing of the rumours, a source close to Niall told the Sun newspaper, "This is just some sick hoax - Holly is absolutely fine". It's not the first time that the boy's girlfriends have been the subject of online controversy. Earlier this year, Harry Styles' new love Emma Ostilly had to quit Twitter altogether after receiving a constant barrage of abuse and even death threats from the group's fans, reports the Huffington Post.
One Direction's album 'Up All Night' rose to No.4 on this week's U.S. Billboard 200 chart, bringing its total sales to 541,000.