The 24-year-old singer became a first-time father when stylist Briana Jungwirth gave birth to baby Freddie back in January (16). While parenthood wasn't planned this early for the young singer, his grandfather Len Poulston insists he is a natural.

"He's learning very quickly to be a dad," Len told British daytime news show ITV Calendar. "I mean Louis wants to be a great dad and he is a great dad and will be a better dad. But it's all a new learning curve for him."

Despite Louis' worldwide fame, he hasn't shied away from changing nappies and feeding his son.

Len added Louis has quickly learned to adapt his life to manage a newborn.

"I see him changing Freddie and feeding Freddie, like we all do and all have done," he continued. "But it's a new phenomenon for Louis and he's learning very quickly on his feet."

Luckily Louis has time to concentrate on his new situation, as One Direction are currently on a hiatus. Despite their boss Simon Cowell revealing earlier this month (Apr16) he wasn't sure whether their break from the music industry would turn from temporary to permanent, Len doesn't think this is the end for the boy band.

"They will come back. Even if it's only to make a lot more money," he laughed.

Meanwhile, Len also revealed that his grandson is planning to donate his prize after winning a competition to design the 2016/7 away shirt for his beloved Doncaster Rovers football team.

The competition was deemed a fix by many fans, with some accusing the club of choosing Louis as the winner as a "publicity stunt".

The prize included a holiday to Thailand and the opportunity to see the shirts he designed being made.

"Louis was never having the prize himself anyway. He's going to put it back into an auction or whatever, so one of the fans will win," Len told BBC Radio 5.