One Direction's Liam Payne was left red-faced after meeting Victoria Beckham when she "recoiled" as he tried to kiss the SPICE GIRLS star.

The heart-throb admits he made a fool of himself when he was introduced to Beckham in August (12) at the closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games, where both the Spice Girls and One Direction performed.

He tells Britain's The Sun, "It suddenly dawned on me as we were waiting to perform that I was sat in a maths class at school when it was announced that London was hosting the Games. Then suddenly we are up there singing to the stadium. I couldn't believe it. I met Victoria Beckham and tried to play it cool by giving her a kiss on both cheeks.

"She just recoiled a bit and looked shocked after the first kiss. I don't think she really wanted that kind of greeting. Louis Tomlinson from our band was stood next to me p**sing himself (laughing)."

Payne also met a few of his rock idols backstage and admits the experience was surreal.

He recalls, "We were on the truck next to Madness backstage. I performed in a production when I was 12 and one of the sections was on Madness songs, so it was weird being there thinking, 'I did a thing on you.' I also met Liam Gallagher. When I was younger and I started doing karaoke, the song my dad would choose for me to sing was (Oasis' hit) Wonderwall. I used to stand on the mic with my hands behind my back pretending to be Liam. He came up to me and said, 'You're Liam, aren't you? That's a nice name.' I had a good chat with him, he was funny to (my bandmate) Niall Horan. He called him 'a little Irish f**ker' or something. We just had a good laugh with him."